En: TN: Property Adding Algorithm

This is the new node property adding algorithm for trust networks:

  1. The property is proposed to your reverse-trust tree (graph)
  2. Property awaits approval by x nodes
  3. Authenticating nodes have to have the proposed property already authenticated and public for themselves
  4. If not authenticated in d days, the user is alerted
  5. When property is authenticated by x nodes without cyclic paths, property may be presented as authenticated with trust weight being the sum of trust-domain diversity factored with the reverse-trust weights of the authenticating nodes (exact formula to be voted on later)
  6. The list of nodes that authenticated each property has to remain as public as the property itself

Possible properties that have to be added, authenticated for any voter:

  • previous user id (in case of recovering identity)
  • Name
  • Age
  • Electoral college (only in an impure democracy)
  • job, expert domain

2 comentarii to “En: TN: Property Adding Algorithm”

  1. Knowledge transfer is not a directed acyclical graph.

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