En: Trust Domains

The real-world trust network is a collection of graphs with the same nodes liked by weighted double-directed edges. The number of graphs is a finite natural number and can be associated with the sum between the common sense set cardinality and the cardinality of the expert domains. We already compiled a set of domains of expertise with cardinality 1376. For practical reasons we will use only 1-10 types of trust (domains of trust) out of these possible domains. We may try to mix onto the traceable trust network most of the trust domains (most of the inbound edges of each node to be in different trust domains)

Common-sense trust weight is imparted in habitual environments:

  • family
  • school, peers
  • sports, peers
  • job, peers
  • church
  • low-level tests
  • local competitions
Expert-domain trust weight is imparted in expert environments:
  • Academic
  • Performance Sports
  • Expert tests
  • Professional
  • Competitions at national or international levels

Each imparts a somewhat different type of trust. We can use each for knitting a more reliable trust net of a voting person.


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