En: Trust Network

Given a densely-connected, double and weighted-directed, graph A, a natural number x>1, a natural number t > (the minimum weight of any edge of A), we will consider a subgraph B with the following properties:

  • contains all nodes in A
  • only one direction of any edge is part of B
  • all these edges have a weight equal or greater than t
  • there is no cycling in any direction
  • each node has at least x incoming edges
  • each node has at most x outgoing edges

We may assimilate the following:

  • A: the real-world trust network
  • B: the traceable trust network
  • x: the trust breadth
  • t: the trust level

Interesting properties:

  • Ability to uniquely determine a node where a breach of trust happens
  • Resistance to catastrophic failure and abstraction of compromised nodes – demonstrated here

To do:

  • Determine the optimal values of x and t
  • Solve for exceptions (sparsely-connected graph)

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