En: Autocracy and the Machine-Controlled Behavior

Here is a new model for a future society:

  • Small groups of people of 1 or more members that form each an independent nation. Practically each family or group of close friends may be nation members.
  • Each nation to be led by a leader, head of family, person of trust
  • Each person of trust to:
    • Compose a list of liberties and duties that his nation adheres to. (Use a policy-building application for that)
    • Publish this list on the Cloud and on a Personal Assistant machine of each nation member
    • Ensure that each nation member has a behavior as described on his machine (mobile phone, application player)

Practically each person will determine in time an exact set of rules for his behavior: from daily fitness program to the way to conduct himself with others in the most diverse of situations. The Personal Assistant machine acts as a reminder of what to do when. It will, in time, be able to determine the situations when explicit rules apply. Eg: If a person reveals to us an information under condition of confidentiality, the machine will remind you abut that before you try to share it. If you decide to share it, your public trust level should be decreased. In the Cloud we should be able to know all public policies of a group. And compare with the public policies of our own group to see what are the compatibilities.

Some advantages:

  • Clearer relationships and mutual understanding
  • Anyone would be able to „import” and „export” policies, fitness schedule, habit forming behavior
  • Easiness of evolution to create policies for groups of nations or families
  • Easiness of presentation and shortest path to implementation of any new habit. (The personal assistant machine will publish to the Cloud and import from the Cloud in a format that will explain the new habit in 2 forms: a human-readable format and a machine-readable format (algorithm, schedule, calculation formulae))
  • Reduces the need for police. Each group leader or person of trust will police himself and his group/nation. Otherwise the public trust of the nation gets degraded by automatic announcement of lack of auto-police.

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