Instant Meritocracy and Rightful Information Solution

This is a proposal pertinent to any voting instance. It solves the problem of a meritocratic calculation of the individual vote, the misinformation by the mass media and the unequal awareness of the stakes involved in any voting decision.

We propose that every vote to be scored by a simple calculation of its merits. That means every person that votes to have his/her vote accounted for, but divided by the results of a simple quiz.

The quiz should have a number of questions equal to the number of the main stakeholders of that election +1. The last question on any quiz should be about the limitation of the actual system and on the methods used for vote accounting. Every stakeholder should present all questions that will be asked and their correct answer and their method of grading for that question. Every question should have equal scoring weight.

Now for an instant example: In a electoral space there are 3 candidates, that means 3 stakeholders. Each candidate publicizes a set of questions and their correct answer (from their point of view). The quiz for this voting instance will consist of 4 questions: 3 questions proposed from each candidate plus an additional question related to the methods employed at the election instance. The quiz with all correct answers will have a grade of 1 (100%). Any question that will be answered brings 25% to the weight of the vote. So the voter that provides no right answer will have no say (his vote will be accounted as 0% of a normal vote).

The merits of this system is that all potential voters will be informed by all the candidates in an equal and transparent manner. There can be few ways for the mass media to misinform. The voter that studies and keeps himself better informed will have a higher chance to change something by instantly earning that merit.


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